Wouldn’t you rather spend your time on something other than making your WordPress site secure? Of course you would! With Site CoPilot’s suite of WordPress security services you’ll rest easy knowing proactive measures have been taken to keep your site up and running. And, if you do get hacked, we’ll fix your site. How’s that for peace of mind?

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CloudFlare Managed DNS

Cloudflare Managed DNS is an advanced security feature that gives you greater speed, security, performance, and redundancy than you’ll find with GoDaddy and other providers.

  • Global Edge Security
  • Advanced threat detection and blocking
  • FREE SSL Certificates (something you can’t get with

Hacked Site Repair

While we take lots of proactive measures to protect your site, it’s impossible to eliminate all threats. So, if you do get hacked, we’ll get your site back up and running for you.

  • Malware removal and hack cleanups
  • Free SSL certificates (*available with all plans*)
  • Managed WordPress updates to preemptively stop attacks

*Hacked site repair is available for $99 with the Pilot plan, and is included with both the CoPilot and AutoPilot plans*

Wordpress Security Reports

Site CoPilot will keep an eye on the metrics that matter when it comes to WordPress security. Our uptime monitoring and security scans help spot malicious activity before it becomes a problem.

  • Site Uptime monitoring helps address and fix any problems impacting your site’s availability
  • Vulnerability scans identify the weak spots in your site so they can be fixed before anything happens
  • Site update reports help track any site changes that may contribute to decreased site performance or create security issues

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