What is Site CoPilot?

Site Copilot is a WordPress maintenance agency with a team of experts providing best in class hosting, ongoing support, and maintenance. We help businesses manage, enhance, maintain, protect, and improve their websites.

Every business needs a website but not every business has in-house technical resources. We provide a turn-key solution to WordPress hosting, support, maintenance, and on-demand development resources. We allow businesses to focus on what they do best and not worry about their WordPress site – we handle it all.

We take care of all of the necessary updates, backups, and optimizations that need to happen, as well as providing a straightforward means of requesting and communicating updates, enhancements, and fixes to a client’s WordPress site.

SiteCopilot customers also are put on our extremely fast, reliable, and secure hosting environment that they would not be able to get from many of the traditional hosting providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter which web host I currently use?2020-05-06T14:23:51+00:00

No! As part of our service, we migrate your site over to our premium WordPress hosting environment, which is included in your support plan. If you have hosting that you’d like to keep, let us know and we can craft a plan to support you.

Can you migrate my site for me?2020-05-05T19:15:57+00:00

Yes, we’d be happy to! After your on-boarding process, one of the co-pilots well take over and take care of your site migration.

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?2020-05-05T19:19:42+00:00

Our support hours are 9am-6pm EST Monday through Friday. We will do our best effort to respond to support requests as quickly as possible and have the ability to respond to emergencies during non-business hours as well.

How do we engage support?2020-05-05T19:15:57+00:00

Based on your plan, you can contact support through email or our ticketing system. We hope to have live chat rolling out soon as well!

Can I change my plan after I sign up?2020-05-05T19:20:23+00:00

Yes, absolutely! Just contact us and we will help you upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your needs. Your new plan will take affect at your next billing cycle.

What do you need from me to support my website?2020-05-05T19:15:58+00:00

During the on-boarding process, we will get all of the necessary information to properly support and maintain your site moving forward.

What do I do if my site gets hacked?2020-05-05T19:15:58+00:00

We are constantly monitoring your site and have measures in place to help prevent this from happening in the first place. However, even with security measures in place, it is still possible for there to be a security issue. If your site is hacked, we will escalate the issue and respond as quickly as possible during business hours. Depending on the severity of the hack, there may be a one-time fee that will be pre-approved before work begins.

What is version control?2020-05-05T19:15:58+00:00

Version control is a way to track changes to the codebase of your site. It keeps any changes to the site tracked so we can keep a record of the evolution of your site and provide a backup that can be rolled back if necessary.

What happens if an update breaks my site?2020-05-05T19:15:58+00:00

If an update breaks your site, it will be rolled back to the earliest backup prior to the update.

I need a new site design, can you do that?2020-05-05T20:11:09+00:00

Yes, we absolutely can do that! We have been building WordPress sites for clients for the last 11 years. Get in touch with us and we can discuss your project needs in more detail.

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