Did you know a page load delay of more than three seconds can increase your bounce rates? Site CoPilot’s WordPress speed optimization service ensures your site loads quickly and reliably.

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Browser Caching

Browser caching speeds up your site by storing a copy of your web page and other assets on those pages like images and other files, in your browser. With Site CoPilot, browser caching is managed for you without the need of a plugin.

  • No need to manage a browser caching plugin. Site CoPilot handles it server side, minimizing plugin bloat
  • Allows greater website scalability with traffic fluctuations
  • “Hands free” browser cacheing management. Site CoPilot does it for you

Performance Checks and Weekly Reporting

Weekly reporting and performance checks allow you to find opportunities to speed up your WordPress site and optimize WordPress performance even more.

  • Identify specific problem pages and elements that might be slowing your site down without the need to dig into Google Analytics
  • Drive greater business results with changes that actually increase site performance
  • Schedule recurring performance tests so issues don’t occur over prolonged periods of time

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A fully managed global CDN helps optimize WordPress site speed by routing requests to the nearest server via a series of distributed servers around the world.

  • Maintain fast WordPress page speeds and protect against traffic spikes
  • A CDN provides greater speed and reliability over traditional hosting that only utilizes one server
  • Site CoPilot handles all of the CDN setup for you so you can focus on what you do best

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